Saturday, October 31, 2009

Video to watch

My mother sent me a link to a You Tube video that touched her. It was the Contemporary Christian Music artists Leeland and Brandon Heath on a mission trip to Cambodia. The video and pictures are powerful, but the song is what is so strong! The song talks about taking Jesus into broken homes and such.   Cambodia, a small country ravaged by decades of war.  A country of about 14 million people.  I just read a UNICEF report that estimated in 2004 there were 553,000 orphans living in Cambodia.  Yep, I did type half a million orphaned children in that one tiny country alone!!!!!!!!  Inconceivable!  This really breaks my heart and I'll be transparent and tell you why.  You see, the end of August 2000, we had been in the adoption process for about 7 months.  We were losing it.  It was soooo hard to sit and wait and not know when we would get a referral call.  I knew there were kids out there waiting for homes, and here we sat on a waiting list.  It seemed crazy.  So, we began looking at some waiting child sites.  We found a darling 3 months old girl waiting for a family---in Cambodia.  We were so naive and thought we could just make a few changes on our paperwork and Voila, jump over to Cambodia instead of Korea right?  Fortunately, the director of Dillon International was very forthright with me about the challenges of changing countries.  Then, the agency who was working with this little girl informed me that Cambodia had just closed to adoptions, but they expected them to open in just a few months and we could go get the baby then.  Thankfully the Holy Spirit nudged us to stay with Korea and Dillon Int.  That was 9 years ago and Cambodia still hasn't reopened to adoptions.  I think about that dark skinned, chubby baby in the picture we had.  Her name on the file was "Rath Theary."  Many of the Cambodian children were named 2 names.  The first one was always Rath.  Do you know what the name Rath means in Cambodia?   
Can you  imagine growing up with the name Unwanted???  That precious angel baby girl is the same age as my beautiful daughter Abigail.  Do you know what the name Abigail means?  Her father rejoices! 
Both little girls began life without families somewhere in Asia.  One little girl becomes the beloved only daughter whose name means Her Father Rejoices.  One little girl is most likely still an orphan, spending her days in an institution, full of other children whose names mean Unwanted!
Pray for the unwanted.  Give to the unwanted.  Bring in the unwanted.  Go to the unwanted.  Spread the word about the unwanted!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Genius and Adorable

Just in case you need a "cutest kid in the world" fix, I attached 2 pics of Hudson reading his favorite book.  He has only been home 7 weeks, heard Korean his whole life until now, but he understands most of what we say.  This morning I got a spoonful of oatmeal and said "Hot".  He blew!  Amazing.

So, I'm not cool?

Carter asked if he could make his own lunch from now on.  You see, I embarrass him with my lunches.  Yesterday morning, the groceries were low.  I hate grocery shopping and so I really try to save up the list and go once a week.  Yesterday morning we were out of snack crackers, pretzels, popcorn and such.  I don't give my kids chips in their lunches.  I made the kids a bean and cheese burrito, apple slices, little packet of M&M's, Caprisun drink, and a baggie of Alpha-Bits cereal(in place of crackers).  It looked good to me!  Last night Carter said "Mom, it is a little embarrassing for an 8th grader to pull out a baggie of Alpha-Bits and a Caprisun."  So, I bought some groceries and I just gave him a dollar, against every mother instinct in my body, to buy a drink out of the machine at school!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tired-being real

Honesty, plain honesty:  I'm so tired sometimes!  I love being a mom.  But, sometimes, I'm so tired I can't stand it.  At this very moment, being a Yuppy who goes to work, then goes to the gym for an hour, drives a nice new car(with cd player that works), join my husband at Central Market for dinner, then go home to a quiet and clean home, all sounds really nice.  I know, I'm super blessed and have such a great privelage raising these 4 miracles.  Ohh, but sometimes, I'm just tired!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What about the kids right here?

Like I said several days ago, November 8th is Orphan Sunday( and November is National Adoption Month.  So, I promised that leading up to then, I'd be posting about the plight of children around the world.  Today I'm gonna talk about the kids right in my area.  I did some research on Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services webiste.  In the fiscal year of 2008, 31 thousand children were in foster care in Texas.  In 2008, 6,375 children in the state's custody were waiting to be adopted.  You don't want to travel to another country?  Okay, how about kids in your own backyard?  You say you have no money for adoption fees?  No problem, adopt from the state and you will have extremely reduced, if not free adoption fees.  You say you want to specify gender?  No problem, lots of boys and girls are waiting(typically, boys are harder to place than girls).  Now, it won't be easy.  Heck, the state makes some of the dumbest requirements I've ever seen!  But it will be worth it!  As most of you know, my sister and her husband are in the 90 day waiting period to adopt their foster daughter.  I'm tellin ya, she is no foster child in our eyes!  The minute she came to live with them, she was "ours".  When I say ours, I mean everyone in the family felt like she belonged with all of us.  Yep, M and B have had to jump through some really stupid hoops to satisfy the state, but in the end, that makes adoption day all the more sweeter.
Okay, so you don't feel led to adopt.  No problem!  Did you know that children in foster care can only be cared for by other foster parents, or respite parents?  I can't babysit my neice.  My sister frequently babysits other children who are in foster care.  These parents NEED a break once in a while.  Go through the paperwork and become a respite family.  What a blessing to the tireless foster families!
Or, here is a great idea.  Be a transitional care family.  There is a couple at our church who provides transitional care for newborns whose birthfamilies have made an adoption plan, but for several different reasons, the child can't go to the adoptive home yet.  So, this couple takes care of the newborns for varying timeframes.  They currently have their 55th sweet baby!  Can you imagine a more selfless gift?  Caring for that newborn until his/her forever home is ready? 

So, I know, many of you who are new to this blog are asking, why did we go overseas?  Well, easy, God called us to the children of South Korea.  Children without families are all over the world AND in our own backyard.  Some people need to care for those here, some need to care for those afar.  No competition, they all need families.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Loving the people of Nicarauga and a great Sunday

According to Children's Hunger Relief Fund, one in three children in Nicarauga suffers from some form of chronic malnutrition.  In the summer of 2006, Carter(he was 10) and I went on a mission trip to a children's home in Nicarauga.  We went with an amazing couple who attend our church and have a full-time ministry,  They are helping the sweet family, pictured above, who began taking in local street children into their very modest home.  When we were there, there were about 30 children who recieved food, shelter, love, support, and some form of education with this one family.  I was especially touched by 2 brothers(age 12 and 14) who were found living alone in a tree.  The children were so sweet and precious.  The family  who took all these kids in were not rich.  In fact, according to my standards, they were very poor.  The home was small and made of cinder block, with a dirt floor.  There was 1 bathroom for over 30 people to share.  How did the mother feed all those kids??  I gripe about my grocery bill!  Would I be willing to take in 30 children who were abandoned, dirty, had nothing of their own, probably had emotional problems and learning difficulties?  The answer is an honest and selfish no.  You see, it isn't convenient, it isn't clean, it isn't fun, it isn't easy to care for children like that. But, what does the word of God say?
Isaiah 58:10-11
10 and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry

and satisfy the needs of the oppressed,

then your light will rise in the darkness,

and your night will become like the noonday.

11 The LORD will guide you always;

he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land

and will strengthen your frame.

You will be like a well-watered garden,

like a spring whose waters never fail. 

About yesterday, we had a great day!!  Abby took a neighbor friend to church.  Our church is the most diverse church I've ever seen.  It is sooooo cool!  There are lots of African-Americans, a lady from India who wears a traditional Sari to church, many inter-racial couples, several Koreans, a few Brazilian families, and several multiracial adoptive families.  We are so blessed to have a loving atmostphere.  The praise band totally rocked the house yesterday.  Our lead electric guitar player could very easily be professional.  I'd tell you the name of our church, but there could be kooky stalkers out there and if I say the name  the city where we live would be given away!  Last night Hudson went to sleep without the usual drama of crying, getting up and roaming, coughing and gagging, basically acting like he is being tortured slowly.  He was sweet, peaceful and just went to sleep(with me reading in the room of course).  Yippeee!  Maybe we've turned a corner.  He is sooooo smart guys!  He is loving, and funny and the cutest little hunk of toddler ever!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

True Servants

Yesterday I was hit with a thought.  Well, really it was the Holy Spirit slapping me upside the head!  I'm a flake.  No, really, I am.  I'm a bit rebellious, I hate tradition(or doing things the same way just cause), I can't stand being told what to do.  I dream big dreams and have grand ideas but rarely follow them to completion.  Last year I started a Special Needs Adoption Support Group for this area and had 3 get togethers.  Never did anything else.  I don't commit to teaching kids at church because I don't want to be tied down(okay, in my defense, I work 1 Sunday a month).   Now, offer a big mission trip to China or something and I'm all over it.  The daily service thing:  not my cup of  tea.  I'm so glad there are people like that!  God gifts us in all different talents and personalities.  Take Mike's family for instance.  His grandma, mother, and sister have all been going to the same church for years.  His mother and grandmother have taught children Sunday School classes for at least 12-13 years, Sunday after Sunday, year after year.  They make birthday cakes for the kids.  They have Christmas parties and bring gifts for the kids.  The church leaders never have to worry about who will teach their 2 classes--they will be there.  His sister teaches GA's(have to be Baptist to know what that is) and children's choir.  His brother-in-law is a deacon and on probably every committee at the church.  Faithful, dutiful, quiet, humble servants!!  My hats off to them all!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The article that started the journey to Hudson

In May, 2008, Mike and I took the kids to an old, favorite pizza place.  We ordered our food and sodas and sat down to eat.  We picked up the newspaper someone had left lying nearby and began looking it over.  Mike got really quiet and handed me an article to read.  I read it.  Then, I was sick.  We'd just dropped 30.00 without blinking an eye on pizza and soda to fill our already overfed bellies.  The article broke us.  It was from the AP about a 9 yr old orphan in Uganda.  Stephen, his name, lives alone in a mud hut and busts rocks with a hammer every day, 12 hours a day.  He has been working there since he was 4 years old!!!!!  Our 4 yr olds go to PreK and Barney Live shows, and eat happy meals, and learn letters.  According the the book "Children of Hope" 1 million children in Uganda alone are orphaned due to AIDS.
Here is a portion of the article for you to read.

KAMPALA, Uganda -- Stephen Batte works in a quarry under the blazing sun, chipping rocks into gravel with a homemade hammer. It's tiring, boring and dangerous.

Stephen is 9 years old and has been on the rock pile since he was 4.

"Life has always been hard here," he whispers, carefully positioning a sharp rock before striking it with well-practiced accuracy. "But since my mother died, things have been much harder."

His mother, the woman who taught him to smash rocks when he was a toddler, was killed here in a landslide in August.

His T-shirt torn and his feet bare, Stephen is one of hundreds of people who work in the quarry on the outskirts of Uganda's capital, Kampala. Their shabby figures sit hunched over their heaps of gravel. The chink of metal against stone bounces off the rock faces.

Most of the workers are refugees who fled a civil war in northern Uganda. Now they make 100 Uganda shillings, 6 U.S. cents, for every 5-gallon bucket that they fill with chipped rocks. Stephen works 12 hours a day to fill three buckets.

There's no safety code or protective clothing. The children's arms and legs are covered in scabs from flying stones. Stephen says a friend lost an eye.

Rock falls are frequent. Stephen remembers the one that killed his mother.

"She had left the house early to work," he says through a translator. His voice falters. "We did not know that she was underneath the rocks -- not until we saw her sandals.

The article goes on to tell of the horrible conditions of refugees in Uganda.  Mike and I knew we'd never be the same after reading about Stephen Batte.  We tore the article from the paper and put it on our refigerator, committing to pray for the child and what our response should be.  We discussed adopting a child from Africa, or even moving to Africa to work in an orphanage or clinic.  My dad has been to the Congo and my mom to Botswana so we had some practical avenues to work with.  I saw a 7months old baby girl in Ethiopia listed on a waiting child site who was blind.  We sent a copy of our homestudy to the agency saying we were interested in adopting her.  I named that baby girl Chloe and prayed for her to have the family God wanted her to have.  I couldn't imagine a sadder life than being an orphaned, blind girl in an Ethiopian orphanage.  We heard a few weeks later that the agency had a family for her!!  Praise the Lord.  So, now what?  Mike and I didn't know what God was doing in our lives, but we knew something.  In the fall of 2008, we decided to save for our next adventure--maybe a mission trip, maybe an adoption.  We didn't know, but God did!  In February, He revealed what that adventure was---Hudson!  I still struggle with "what about children like Stephen?'  Adopting Hudson was fairly easy.  What about the children of Africa??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Updates and book you HAVE to read

So Hudson isn't keen on his Halloween costume!!  It is Mickey Mouse and he is terrified of it.  Maybe if I put it on him once a day for the next week and a half, he'll like it by then?  Today is 6 weeks home.  Hudson is doing remarkably well.  He added the sign for "milk" a few days ago.  It really is so nice for him to have some way to tell us what he wants.  He is SOOOOO busy.  I'm not being dramatic folks.  Everywhere we go, people say "boy, he is busy isn't he?"  He is very curious, especially when it comes to buttons he is not supposed to touch :)  I think it is a sign of super intelligence!  Hudson is generally cheery from waking to when I make him go to bed.  Literally, he never acts grumpy.  He sings and jabbers and follows me around happily all day. He is super attached to me.  Mike is still earning trust.  Hudson likes him, but doesn't let him do actual childcare activities for him.   He cannot fall asleep on his own.  I've been sitting next to his pallet, reading by flashlight at nap and bedtime.  It stinks to be stuck for so long while he gets good and asleep.  But, I'm reading through the Yada Yada Prayer Group series of 7 books and am really really enjoying them!  Hudson is still struggling with his lungs being junky.  For 4 weeks now he has been coughing, congested and wheezing.  Everyday I give him allergy med, neb treatments and an inhaled  steroid.  I finally took him back to our pediatrician yesterday and told him that no matter what I do, I can't get his lungs cleared up.  Wouldn't you know, for that one hour, when the doc listened, he was crystal clear!!!!  AHHHH, I give up!  So, the doc recommends adding Mucinex Mini Melts and doing chest percussion at night to loosen his mucus.  I did that last night and finally, a night without a coughing fit so strong that he throws up. 
A quick Praise:  due to paying for our trip to Korea and adoption fees, we have no cushion left!  Praise God we can pay the bills, but there is no room for error at the moment.  Well, Friday a large portion of Carter's 8th grade trip to DC is due.  The Lord provided for 3 expeneses for us yesterday, in creative ways.  3 items that came up on their own and we didn't have to use our money!  In the words of Florida(you have to read Yada Yada to know who I'm talking about) Thank Ya, Jesus!!

Now, about the book.  You must read Jansten's Gift by Pam Cope(  Seriously folks, this book will totally change the way you view the world.  It is a true story about a regular middle class lady who grew up in a little town in the midwest.  She had the life most of us want:  2 kids, nice house, spent too much money and time on things that don't matter like decorating and shuttling kids to too many activities.  Then, tragedy struck.  After that she began learning what it means to live a life that really has meaning.  She and her husband have an organization that helps rescue African children sold in to slavery, orphans running the streets in Cambodia and Viet Nam.  If you think Human Trafficking in't really a problem in 2009, you are dead wrong!!!  Please read this book and get informed.  The Bible commands that we care guys. 

Psalm 82:3-4 says Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless;  maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed, rescue the weak and needy;  deliver them from the had of the wicked.

Heads up:  November 8th is Orphan  Day.  Does your church staff know this??  Are you willing to speak up for those who can't speak up for themselves??  I'll be focusing a lot of posts in the next 2 weeks about the plight of children in the world.  Get ready, I'm excited!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life Book

Adoption experts recommend families make lifebooks for their children.  These basically tell the child's life story and can be as simple or as elaborate as the family chooses.  It should tell of the life the child had before joining his/her new family(don't forget that just because it may not have been a wonderful life, it was still his/her life story and should be honored), the process of joining the family, and then life within the family, including important events and people.  I guess similar to a scrapbook.  When the children are old enough to know the details of their birthfamily and story, we will add that info.  My sister Emily is super creative. She even has a blog about her crafts(  I'm not--at all!!!  Emily made a small baby lifebook for Hudson.  I just have to get on the ball and add pics.  I've chosen several to include.  Above are pictures of the lifebook. 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

5 years ago today

We got a big surprise.  Carter was 8, Abby was 4, and Dillon was almost 2.  I didn't feel right and new something strange was happening.  To quench my curiosity, I bought a pregnancy test while grocery shopping with Abby and Dillon.  I kid you not when I say that I bought it, went to the restroom there in Kroger and took the test with Abby and Dillon in the stall!!!  Well, you guessed it,it was positive.  God had clearly, almost audibly told me, in August of 2000, that I'd never be pregnant again and we'd build our family through adoption.  What the heck was happening??  I shook like a leaf while I finished buying groceries, called my good friend Kim and left a message on her phone that said "I think I'm having a crisis here."  You see, I'd so desperately wanted to be pregnant for many years.  But, not anymore.  I was sad thinking about my 2 Asian children sandwiched between biological children.  I could hear the  insensitive sayings swirl in my head "See, I KNEW you'd get pregnant after you adopted"  UGH, I hate that statement! It implies that after you settled for second best, you really got the true prize.  When I told MIke that night, he reminded me that this was good news and a blessing.  We went to bed.  At 1am I woke up in severe pain.   I worked in ER for 5 years and had seen tubal pregnancies.  So, a few hours later, I was admitted to the hospital with a tubal pregnancy.  I'm so thankful that we didn't know about the baby until it was too late.  I'm so thankful I never had a chance to get excited or tell people about it.  God was merciful in the fact that I was so early in the pregnancy, that I didn't have to have surgery.  At 7pm that night, I signed consent for them to give me a shot that is similar to a chemo drug.  Basically, it destroys rapidly dividing cells.  What a horrible horrible thing for a Christian who is prolife and believes life begins at conception to make the decision to receive a medication to kill the tiny new life growing inside.  It was to spare my life.  My sweet and patient ob/gyn said "Libby, people still die from tubal pregnancies."  The enormity of it all really didn't hit me until a week later and I lost it.  Was the baby a girl or boy?  Would it have looked just like Carter?  Why, after begging God to let me get pregnant in earlier years, did this happen?  I'll never know, this side of heaven the answers to those questions.  But, one day, when Jesus calls me home, I'll meet my 5th child and know all the answers.  For now, I'm so blessed and happy with my family. We are content.  I mean, I feel like the most blessed and favored woman in the world!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Adventure never ends around here

So we had a day off all together(thanks Columbus!) and decided to do something fun, yet cheap!  It is such dreary weather here this weekend so we headed for our favorite thrift store.  I'm telling you this place is huge and great.  We picked up Carter's friend to come with us.  When we pulled into our parking spot, Mike said "oh my, that man is bleeding."  I looked and saw an older man standing in the parking lot holding his arm with blood all over his clothes, smeared on his car door and on the parking lot.  I assumed he'd gotten stabbed or something dramatic(well, the thrift store isn't in the best part of town).  I grabbed our new first aid kit-thanks to Mike replacing our old one, put on gloves and went over to him.  He had just left dialysis and I'm guessing they sent him on his way before the fistula clotted off.  I asked him to let me see and when he moved the gauze, a tiny stream of blood shot up in the air.  I grabbed Hudson's spit rag and held it down hard.  Apparently the man had been standing there next to his car bleeding while his wife shopped.  By the looks of things, it had been a while!  The wife came out  and decided to take him to the doctor.  We tied his belt above his fistula(not to worry,it wasn't very tight and was way above the fistula) and I  told him to keep his arm up.  Off they went.  Carter 's friend was wide eyed and said "everytime I hang out with Carter something crazy happens."  We shopped and got some great bargains.  I'm telling ya, the only place to buy kids play clothes is a thrift store.  We got Hudson a really nice out fit for $6, Abby got 2 Limited Too shirts for cheap.  Love it!  So then we went to eat.  Hudson is still learning how to chew food and frequently chokes.  He'd eaten lots of yummy food and all was well.  I gave him a vanilla ice cream cone and he was enjoying it.  All of a sudden, we could see the look.  You experienced moms know the look!  Here came all his food--unchewed particles and all, spewed down his shirt and into his high chair.  I grabbed him up and headed for the van.  I felt so sorry for the diners around us who were looking at the adorable little boy eating his ice cream cone ;)
So, here it is 3:30 pm.  I'm in my pjs and not going anywhere!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Falling hard

It is official, I'm falling in love with little Hudson!  I know, you may be thinking "What you didn't love him the last month?".  Actually, for me, the first 3 weeks felt more like babysitting.  I mean, I knew he was mine, I knew God ordained Hudson to be our son, I knew I'd one day love him to pieces.  But, these things take time.  It is totally unrealistic to expect to feel warm fuzzies everytime you look at this adorable stranger in your home.  The papers say he is your new son, but your heart and mind need to spend time with him.  The last several days, I just can't kiss those fat cheeks enough(he is getting a little sick to death of that!).  People say "He is so cute" and I'm like--You better believe it, he's down right adorable!!!  Mike and Hudson are becoming pretty good buddies too.  Hudson runs up to him and hugs his legs.  Wow, God, you are amazing aren't you??  I shudder to think what would be happening if we'd deleted that email from Dillon International about a little boy needing a family.  Where would Hudson be?  What would his future be?  Where would our family be?  Yep, we'd have a lot more money, and my life would certainly be easier.  Who the heck wants THAT!????  I'd never know what it feels like to have him grab my finger and take me to whatever it is he wants to show me.  I'd never get to watch him walk down the street with me and his chubby cheeks jiggling with every step.  I'd never get full open mouth slobber kisses everytime I pucker mine up at him!  Hmmmmm, I don't see any comparison here folks.  It is LOVE.

More good news for little man Dillon.  The school principal called me yesterday and wanted my approval to try for him to spend all day with the regular ed kindergartners next week.  It seems he is making such good progress that they want to try it.  I'm delighted.  I explained to Dillon that he would not being spending his time with Mrs. Tracey(his beloved aide in the special ed room) because he was doing so well that he would be in the big kindergarten class.  Let's just say, he isn't nearly as pumped as Mike and I are ;)  Please continue praying for him.  He is talking more and more but struggles.  Yesterday he wanted to tell me something about school and I couldn't understand him.  He kept repeating the word over and over and saying "um um um" ---it just wouldn't come out.  Then, in desperation he cried "Help Me!'  OUCH---that breaks my heart!!!!!!!!!!!  Why God does my baby boy have to fight to talk???  Please loose his brain and tongue to communicate clearly.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1 whole month

I can't believe a month has gone by!  Wow, we've been blowing and going since we landed.  I'm really really trying to spend some quiet days at home helping Hudson adjust to family life.  He is really smart and knows how to give High Five, uses More and All Done signs, says Uh-oh, plus says a few Korean words that I'm unsure what the mean.  He is sleeping better and better.  He has become a "velcro baby" and I can't be out of his sight(a little disturbing going potty with a toddler standing in front of you with his hands on your legs!!!).  His behavior is the most patience-trying area.  He is more like a 14months old rather than a 22months old.  I really can see that he is very smart, just didn't get any training.  I think he was pretty  much the little emporer of his foster mother's home! We are really working on some basic rules of not touching the fireplace or oven or tv, not hitting, not exploding into sobs with every little irritation.  Hey, give the kid a break though--think about the HUGE changes he's gone through.  I'd throw a temper tantrum too :)
Today we tried to get a social security number for him.  HMPH!  Those stupid government agencies really tick me off.  They wont issue him one without a final adoption decree.  We can't finalize til he's been in our home for 6 months.  So, I'll get a Tax Id number for our tax purposes.  It is sooooo dumb because SSA gave Abby and Dillon a number right after they came home.  Apparently the rules change daily. 
As for the other kiddos, Carter has to sit out his football game tomorrow.  He got hit again last week and has been a tad dizzy with headaches.  Because his concussion was so bad in May, we can't take any chances.  Abby is supposed to be in a patriotic musical for school tomorrow night, but just came home not feeling well.  I'm praying for protection from the H1N1 virus.  Dillon has respiratory problems and does NOT need that! 
We have a shower for Hudson at church this Sunday. We are so blessed I can't believe it! I'm trying to slow down and enjoy my days with Hudson.  Before I know it, he'll be starting preschool.  These are precious memory-making times.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Hooray answer to prayer!

So, I've mentioned my sister and her husband's most beautiful foster baby girl before.  Well, baby J came to live with M and B when she was 4.5months old.  I can't go into details, and it is nobody's business, but she needed a new family!  Today, after many many months of praying, her birthparent's rights were terminated in court!!!!  YIPPEE.  So, M and B now petition to adopt her through the state.  They are expecting this to take about 60-90 days.  Baby J is now 14months old and just thriving.  She is super gorgeous, smart, energetic, happy and a blessing to all who know her.  M and B deserve her!  They have walked through very dark valleys and trials of infertility and loss.  Last year, I was praying that God would send them a baby who needed them as much as they needed the baby.  He did just that.  Here are some verses we are praying over their family:
   Isaiah 61:3(The chapter is about Jesus and what he does in and through his people)...... to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.  They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.  

Baby J(but not for long as you will have a new name to go with your new family), welcome to the family!  We adore you, we've prayed for you and over you, we look forward to watching your flourish and bring joy to your momma and daddy.  You are wanted!  You are valuable and precious!  God has a great plan to use you in His kingdom.  When you are legally adopted, I'll post a picture so the world can oohh and ahhh over you.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Delightful is what he is becoming.  As my sweet buddy Susie noticed, everyday Hudson seems more relaxed and happier.  Last night and today he was delightful.  He is happy and easy-going most of the time.  He even started kissing daddy, not prompted!  Today my mom, Mike, and I all cheered Dillon on at the Special Olympics kick-off at a town near us.  Hudson had a ball and was super good.  I can't believe how blessed I am to have an easy going, big eater, super smart new baby boy!!!  Thanks Father, you do give good gifts :)