Monday, July 30, 2012

19 years ago

I was a very young 20yr old woman who thought she was all grown up.  I said "I do" to marrying a very very handsome brown-eyed 23yr old man! He was funny, smart, employed, a devoted follower of Jesus, thoughtful, and wanted to make a difference in the lives of teenagers.  It has been a whirlwind 19 years.  I hardly remember life not married.  Mike is a God-send.  What a grand adventure we've been on and are planning in our dreams for the future.
Last night we left the kids home by themselves--LOVE having Abby and Carter big enough to watch the 2 young boys.  No babysitter fees for us!  We had a Groupon(remember, cheap is how we always roll) for 20.00 off 40.00 worth of food at an old and very cheesey German restaurant in the city.  We had a blast, mostly making fun of the strange patrons and workers.  The roaming Polka-accordion player was a super nerd who would stand at our table, awkwardly playing the accordion and making jokes. I enjoyed a delish breaded cutlet with red cabbage and saurkraut. 

Next we perused Half Priced Books.  We used yet another coupon to get 50% off a purchase.  Look out cause I bought Weird by Craig Groeschel and I have a feeling it will inspire me to be even more weird, compared to typical American society.  I also bought Tina Fey's Bossypants.  Hilarious, bad language and sacrilegous jokes, but hilarious all the same.  We then checked to make sure Hudson hadn't tied up Abby and Carter and that Dillon hadn't vomited on the furniture(you never know with those 2 boys!).  They were fine.  So, we went extra crazy and bought a gelatto at Central Market.  Yummmmo.  When we got home the kids had a surprise.  They decorated for our anniversary and had 80's music playing ;)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ranger Game

Yesterday we got to attend a Texas Rangers game.  Some folks gave our family free tickets. We love the Rangers and were very excited.  This was Hudson's first time to go. Abby brought her friend, Ashley.  Carter couldn't come with us, his social committments prohibited a family outing(getting used to him not hanging with us much--sad!).  The Rangers won.  Nellie Cruz(Abby's fav player) hit a homerun so we got to see the fireworks. We did not purchase a boomstick, the 2 foot long hotdog.  We did eat lots of  nachos though. As you can tell by the binoculars in the pictures, our seats were waaaay up high. Mike wore his David Murphy shirt that I got him for his bday.  Murphy is a solid follower of Jesus and also a Bayor grad-go BU!

Above is the "sign" that Dillon made in honor of Ian Kinsler--his fav player.  Won't somebody with connections please inform Mr. Kinsler of this precious 9yr old boy who thinks so highly of him? 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

we won't be at camp..again

Korean Heritage Camp starts tomorrow.  Our adoption agency, Dillon International is the absolute best!  Post adoption support and education are their flagship services.  I feel like a loser Korean adoptive family.  We missed last year at camp.  Now, we are missing again.  But, for what it matters, Abby and I will be in Korea for 10 days in October.  I guess that trumps camp.  However, to all you transracial and transcultural adoptive families, it really is super important that you incorporate heritage events and meeting with other families who like like your family.  The shared experiences between the parents and between the children is so helpful. To my sweet friends enjoying each other in Tulsa this week, I miss you all.  Have fun and eat lots of bibimbop and kimchi for me!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

We are all working

Carter got a job!!  He starts tomorrow at a hardware store.  We are thrilled. He is thrilled that he doesn't have to sling burgers, wear a dorky uniform, or smell like food after work.  The store is .2 mile from our house.  I hope he falls in love with the confidence one gains from earning a paycheck and that an older man takes him under his wing and really teaches him about hard work, dependability, and home improvement.
As far as work goes for me, I finally got an email that my coursework is all approved and I am an truly complete with my Bachelor's degree!  Beginning in August I can sign my name Libby ___ RN, BSN, CCRN.  I haven't heard from UTA  or Tech regarding grad school.  I've been picking up some extra shifts lately to pay for mine and Abby's mission trip coming up.  Last night I got home from work and Dillon hugged me tight.  He asked "Why you work so lot?"  That stung a bit :(
Abby went to a Safe Sitter class last week.  She enjoyed it and learned a ton!  She even got her CPR card.  So, a few days ago she put her knowledge to use.  Mike and I both worked, Hudson went to the daycare(he is a handful and I dont think she is ready to keep both boys for extended periods--I can barely manage them!), and Abby took care of Dillon all day.  They did great.  I paid her well(for an 11yr old anyway) and she bought locker decor--she is gearing up for 6th grade!!
Mike is back at work at the school.  He had a great 3 weeks off but is happy to be in his routine.  Things are beginning to buzz at school:  volleyball camps, books coming in, tons of new student interviews for admissions.  It is bursting at the seams.  Praise the Lord for His favor.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

nothing like little boys to re-center my self image

In case I was feeling a bit over confident, the little boys made sure I stay grounded.  We were getting ready to go to the pool.  I changed and walked out in running shorts and a hardly worn bikini top(that I was about to cover with a tank top).  Dillon said "Ewww!" and Hudson said "You wearing that??"
Thanks guys.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another goodbye

My sister and her hubs say goodbye to another foster baby today(he is their 7th).

 Baby C has been in the family for 6 months.  He is smiley, content, playful, and so cute.  He will move to another state to live with a relative.  We pray for him to not walk in the path of his biological family, but that God would use him to be a light, that he would stay away from bad influences, that he would do great things for the Kingdom.  And, Aspen says goodbye to another "baby brudder."  We all wait to see who will join their family as a forever sister or brother.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Need your votes

What gift should we take to Hudson's foster mother when we go to Korea in October??  When we picked him up, we gave her a silver heart necklace with his birthday engraved on it, a few Texas treats, and a keepsake box.  I'm likely going to take a little scrapbook type thing with lots of pictures of Hudson growing up the past 3 years. If you  have a good idea, leave a comment or email me.
Speaking of the trip, I just filled out some forms regarding what I felt was most important(used a Likert type scale of most important to not important).  They listed all the activities we will be doing.  The 2 that got my highest rating were "working with children with special needs, feeding and holding newborns at Eastern's Babies Home, and teaching children in the orphanage English."  So excited! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Mother

I morph into a little bit different type of mother during the summer.  Does anyone else find that letting the youngun's go to bed at 9:30 during summer is not biggie, but normally bedtimes are strict non-negotiables?  I also allow the swimming pool to substitute for baths sometimes.  Getting wild  here, but the 2 little boys didn't get their oral hygeine routine a few nights ago! My mothering is all discombobulated without the usual school schedule.  Maybe that is good? I'm a schedule freakazoid.  My kids deserve a schedule break!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Annual lakehouse adventure

Lakehouse adventure #8 was a boomer!  The house was great, the lake was perfect, the children well behaved and no kid threw up.  We even got to rent the incredibly OCD and annoying house owner's pontoon boat.  Below are just a few snapshots. Oh, my parents enjoyed pulling the grandkids on tubes behind the boat so much that on Saturday they bought 2 old jet skis to be able to take us tubing on anytime they wish!  Fun times ahead.

To my mother and sisters:  A huge thank you!  You know what I'm talking about.  I am so grateful for you guys and the sacrifices you made.  You guys are so  picky ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let freedom ring

Happy Independence Day all!  What a blessing to enjoy our immense freedoms here in the USA.  Thank you to all who have served this country to secure those liberties!
My family is enjoying a time at a rented lakehouse.  About 30 of us eating, laughing, children playing and swimming, eating, get the idea.

And yet, let me remind everyone, that such liberty and enjoyment is not possible for a country of 23 million people.  The country of North Korea is on my mind.  Millions and millions of people oppressed, suffering, and starving.  Click HERE to see a news report of children in orphanages and hospitals suffering from malnutrition.  I can't even let my mind think of the number of orphaned children, going to bed at night alone.  It makes me shudder with horror.  Our daughter was born about 1 hour from the North Korean border...the realities are gut wrenching.

I beg you, as you sip our lemonade, eat your hotdogs and apple pie....pray for the people of North Korea.  Christians, rise up and pray for spiritual freedoms and light to shine.  Mike and I have stood at the DMZ and looked through binoculars into N. Korea.  An impressive fake city, a propaganda spectacle, but inside emptiness, harsh rule, evil reigns.