Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ignorance was bliss but not anymore...Kale Chips

My class is making me paranoid.  Right now is biochemistry and pathophysiology of cellular damage.  She keeps mentioning polyunsaturated fats aka PUFAs, saturated fats, free radicals, high blood sugars, high salt diets, antioxidants and on and on.  I don't think I'll be eating red meat for a looooong time!  My poor kids are now taking daily vitamins with omega 3 and 6 in them.  I'm really trying to make more plant-based meals (and not canned veggies).  My  youngest sister and her hubby are plant-based eaters and give me tips. My friend, Claudia, told me about the jewel pictured below...

Kale Chips...O....MY...Goodness!  Delish and so easy.  Tear off the stem, tear into smaller size pieces, toss in a bowl with a little salt and some olive oil, bake at 400 for about 10 minutes and you have little crunchy treats that nearly dissolve in your mouth.  You are welcome!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Guard against the B word

Here's what I'm wrestling with lately.  The dreaded B word.  Yep, BUSY, is the B word.  This was a kicker week.  Mike had school meetings til 8pm both Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  I worked 39 hours, spent Tues/Thur watching school lectures and studying, and Abby had 2 volleyball games.  Saturday morning we were in the historical area of the city at 7am for Carter's senior pics (Little side note, our photographer is fabulous and creative.  She totally captured Carter's artsy, funky, sweet and silly personality.  If you live near the DFW metroplex and need a good photograper, message me for he name).

By Saturday afternoon, we all lay on the couch relaxing and snoozing.  The little boys played, Carter took a nap, and we just chilled. I literally could not keep my eyes open!  The B word was circulating in my mind. I know many of you struggle with this as well.  What on earth are we doing?  We know our days are numbered.  The Scriptures compare our lives to a passing wind or a fading flower.  In Psalms, David says  Show me, Lord, my life’s end and the number of my days; let me know how fleeting my life is.
Psalm 39:3-5

Here is what I'm aiming for....saying NO to things that cause more and more nuttiness.  We have always had a rule that our kids can only be involved in one sport or extra event at a time.  More than sports, I need help setting boundaries.  I want to learn to evaluate everything that exhausts me through the Kingdom other words, does it really make a difference in the Kingdom?  Oh sure, sometimes you just gotta go buy toilet paper and donuts.  Certainly those have no Kingdom impact, but they are part of being human, as is sometimes taking a shopping trip or going to a sports event.  My friend Meredith(girl, only 6 weeks til our time to see Jen Hatmaker!!!) recommended a book that I must read.  It is called Margin by Dr. Swenson and is about creating balance in our lives...through a Kingdom lens.
I leave you with a challenge to say no to things that, in themselves are not bad, but do they really build up your family or your relationship with Jesus or others?
Here is a song to  help us remember the B word trap.  Veggie Tales made a cartoon teaching children about The Good Samaritan.  Along came the mayor and he stopped to talk to the poor cucumber on the side of the road.  He couldn't render any aid because he was too busy.  I wonder, in not such harsh words, how many times have my actions said this to my children?

"I'm busy, busy
Shockingly busy
You've no idea, how much I have to do!
Busy, busy
Dreadfully busy
Much, much too busy for you!"

Thursday, September 19, 2013

fitness poser

I haven't exercised in weeks.  And yet, on some of my days off I wear my running if I am about to run or just completed a good heart-healthy jog!  I'm turning to mush...both brains and brawn.  The unit in which I work is having difficulties and as the staff person who has been there the longest, I place burdens upon myself to try to be the cheerleader and hold things together. I'm picking up extra hours the last several week to pay off a few things.  Advanced Physiology is HARD.  It has been 20 years since I've taken Anatomy and Physiology.  When hubs and kids are at am I...sitting on my mushy butt listening to a lecture that sounds like a foreign language (Transamination and Gluconeogenesis). Something must give.  Jogging can wait. But hey, cooler weather is coming soon.  I love to run in the cold!

Just to cheer us all up from my woe is me...another Hudson cutey.  A mom of a kid in his class passed away Saturday.  She had been fighting cancer.  Hudson has been praying every night that "C"'s mommy would have fun with God in heaven! :))

Sunday, September 15, 2013

kindergarten joy!

The Fire Dept visited school last week.  Check out Hud's face.  Think he liked it??

A girl in his class called him short last week.  He gave her a little shove. Poor kid.  Some big life skill learning happens in kindergarten :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A message of freedom

My parents lead the Celebrate Recovery ministry at their church.  This past Sunday was "Celebrate Recovery Sunday" and mom brought the message.  That woman preached it!  If you need some freedom, joy, peace, abundant life.....listen to mom

Monday, September 9, 2013

We are headed to see Jen!

My friend Meredith and I got tickets to see Jen Hatmaker in 2 months!!  Whoohoo.  We are so pumped.  I'll drive several hours to Mer's house, spend the night...likely talk til late(which is about 10pm in my book), and the next day we will drive to the place where Jen (my twin sister, I've never met) will be speaking.  And herein lies the dilemma....what does one wear to hear Jen Hatmaker speak?  Really this is a bit bothersome to me.  On the one hand, I want to connect.  You never know when opportunity comes knocking on your door.  What if I wear my "147 Million Orphans....Feed 1" shirt or maybe my A21 Human Trafficking awareness T-shirt that says "Unlock Freedom", and Jen spots me from the crowd, and then wants to chat, and then likes me so much, and then we hit it off, and then she invites me to speak and write alongside her???   Ohhh, that would just be awesome.  But, on the other hand, I don't want to be "that" woman.  You know, the one who tries way to hard and looks obnoxious.  She'd spot me from the stage and silently sigh, thinking, "there's another one...trying too hard."  What to wear??