Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The baby turns 6

referral picture when he was in S. Korea

Here is what my heart and mind are swirling with right now.  Hudson turns 6 tomorrow.  Our last little one.  He is missing his 2 top front teeth.  Do you have any idea how adorable that is?  He still takes his blankie to school. In many ways he is a little boy.  But, this isn’t my first rodeo.  With age 6 comes more peer influence, learning to read, play dates, independence, steps toward becoming a big kid. It is bittersweet to watch the baby of the family grow up.  Heck, he just joined our family at age 22 months so we missed his first 2 years.Truth is, and this is where most of you will tune me out as nuts, if I wasn’t in grad school, and thus not so exhausted,  we were not about to embark on college for Carter, and if we had a family member to help with everyday childcare juggling, we (and yes, Mike loves it just as much as I do) would almost certainly be on the list to adopt a special needs toddler girl living an an orphanage in Asia.  We love children.  We do a decent job of providing a loving and safe home for children. Our eyes are wide open to the huge need for warm, loving, parents to step up and say “You are important, you matter, you are NOT an orphan any longer” to the 150 million children in the world who have no parents to raise them. 
But, all good things must come to an end.  There is a very fun and sweet future for our family....a family of big kids....not little kids forever. We are having fun and enjoy no more diaper bags, no more daycare, no more sippy cups.  Yes, big kids are special and sweet!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

kitchen reno slllooooowww

We took all the cabinet doors off several weeks ago.  Mike bought a sprayer and sprayed them all in the garage.  Um, we didn't realize there would be a fine white (actually, the color is called "linen") coating of pain all over everything....live and learn!  So there are no doors on the cabinets.  Do you know how exposed you feel when you host a birthday party and you have  no cabinet doors?  Awkward.  I lined all the pots and pans and spices up in nice straight lines.  Clearly it was a work in progress.  And I use the word progress lightly.  We've done nothing since.  The doors all look so pretty...lined up along the wall in our dining room.  If only I didn't work and didn't have my school to occupy my time, and 4 kids, and basketball, and church duties, and so on.  No worries, it will get done in due time.

Friday, November 15, 2013

school is getting cool

It is starting to click.  All my studying is beginning to shape up my thinking about my patients in new and much more in depth ways.  I'm thinking more critically about the physiology and what it means in patient care. I really enjoy this deeper understanding. I took care of a lady who was an alcoholic and I had just finished a lecture on the MEOS alcohol metabolism pathway.  It was so fun to be able to talk to the doc on a new level. Hopefully, this burst of interest and excitement will carry me through December 2016
Speaking of school, Hudson came home telling me about what Mrs. Hartt taught the kindergartners.  He said "in the old days, people had to kill the sheep for sin, because blood cancels the sin.  But Jesus was the sheep and now we don't do that anymore."  Whoa!!  Some deep lessons and he got it! Now, if he can just get it in his head that he has to obey, even when he doesn't feel like it :)  Little toot is too smart for his own good.

In bigger news....Carter has a new(gently used) car!!!!  Our very very well loved 1998 Accord with 227K miles needs a new transmission...to the tag of 2800.00.  Um, I don't think so!  We had so much fun getting him this car. He has kept the same job for a year and a half and other than not being able to remember his homework, we have no trouble with this teen/almost grown man at all.  He is a joy.

Photo: Our beloved '98 Accord with 227K miles bit the dust. Carter has kept the same job for a year and a half and is a great young man! We enjoyed getting this sweet car for him. Merry Christmas, happy early bday and happy early graduation! You make us so proud

Monday, November 11, 2013

My time with Jen Hatmaker

So that title was a tad misleading :)  I actually DID meet her and speak with her a few sentences.  Friday night I drove to my sweet friend, Meredith's home and spent the night.  We had a blast sitting up and talking.  Then the next morning, we picked up a couple more friends and went to a short and wonderful ladies' retreat in East Texas.  Jen was the featured speaker.  It was the sweetest thing.  I don't think 3/4 of those ladies had a clue who she was nor how BIG of a deal she is much less had read any of her books!  The church was a small and intimate old fashioned Baptist church.  Jen was awesome.  I was literally sitting 2 rows back middle--directly in front of her. When we met her, she was so real and approachable.  You will be pleased to  know that I did not act a fool and embarrass myself.  I did tell her that she and I were on the same brain wavelength and that I have been to the ministry that she loves so much in Haiti.  She signed my worn out and flagged copy of "7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess" (I personally believe it is one of the most crucial books of the generation).  I had told my mom that Jen didn't know it, but she had a lot riding on this conference.  I was praying for the Holy Spirit to speak ever so clearly to me about some big life decisions right now:  clear vision and direction for my continued school, if I should join my sweet friend Christi for a mission trip in Haiti again this summer, and what to do with our vehicle situation (long story). Well, I loved every minute of my time and heard the Lord speak to me.  Unfortunately, not in any of the above situations.  So, I registered for my next classs (advanced pharmacology), I'm definitely leaning towards Haiti (when I reflect on my adventure there 3.5 years ago...crossing rivers in hollowed out trees, trekking through mountains with medical supplies and food) how could I not say YES?  As for the vehicles....we are still praying for wisdom.  Mer...I love you friend and had sooooo much fun with you, Kelly, and Carrie. To my hubby, thank you for always encouraging me to go and experience life.  I know my treks are hard on you sometimes.  But, OH, the great experiences I've had over the years.  You never ever act like it is an inconvenience and you encourage me to branch out, live life to the fullest!

"We feel like our job is to make the gospel right, but Jesus says we are to make the gospel real"
"I refuse to sit idle in my luxuries while the world starves and grieves"---Jen Hatmaker

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

She did it...and I'm so impressed!

My sister, Emily, ran her first marathon last Saturday. I really can't even fathom this feat.  She has been an amazing example of determination and hard work.  She has struggled with weight, poor self-image, and inactivity for nearly her whole life.  18 months ago she said "enough!!"  45 pounds slimmer and jogging with diligence and education (she is all smart now about distance running-the Galloway method), she ran 26.2 miles in 5 hours and 13 minutes.  Her 3 young daughters cheered as she crossed the finish line.  What a memory those girls will never forget.  I'm so proud of her!!  She has energized me to quit blaming my grad studies on my loss of running time.  I'm getting up and getting my cardiac muscles pumping.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

2013 Halloween bust

Not our best Halloween.  Carter is too old and too cool for us.  He joined friends and left us in the dust.  Abby, now age 13 and too hip for us as well, refused to join in and stayed home.  Our new neighborhood, beloved by us for the privacy, quiet, and space seems to be brimming over with boring retirees.  Thus, Mike and I took Dillon and Hudson to a local community college's Trick or Treat event....LAME!  The clientele was a bit shady.  Dillon's sensory sensitivities were in high alert due to the crowd and costumes.  We left after a few minutes.  We ended up in our old neighborhood for a few door to door treats.  It was full of families out walking and made us sad for our old community.  Also, for the first time in 10 years we didn't hang out with our old friends the Hennings.  Their kids are 13 and 16.  I didn't even take a single picture!  Of course, as you all know, I'm a "phone it in" (to quote Frankie on The Middle) kind of parent when it comes to holidays and costumes.  Two days before Halloween Mike asked what the boys were going to wear.  I told him we had several costumes in the dress up box that they could choose from.  No planning or buying for us :)
And now, my friends, it is NOVEMBER!!!  The time is flying by me.  How, on God's green earth, did it become November??  Hudson's 6th bday is the end of the month, Dillon's 11th bday is in mid December, and of course, the onslaught of holiday "whobilations" (what movie??) is upon us.