Sunday, March 31, 2013

A few firsts

Hudson is growing up.  He has had such a fun year and most certainly does not lack for personality!  His first school Easter party was a few days ago.  He enjoyed it so much.  It is precious to see him learn about Jesus

And yesterday was his first soccer game(first team sports event!).  Our church offers Upward Soccer for children.  Mike is his coach.  He loved the fanfare of running through the sign. I was at work and missed the game.  Mike said that at one point he watched a kid kick the ball up high.  Down it crashed on Hudson's face!  He came up sputtering with mud on his face and crying.  He was pretty much done after that ;)


Monday, March 25, 2013

Trying not to be an ostrich

I'd like to be an ostrich with my head in the sand.  However, think of the great views and experiences said ostrich misses out on!

This world isn't pretty.  We must live in it though.  The past week or so have been full of hard life lessons.
Yesterday I taught an adoption info class to a couple who are dealing with the crappy circumstances of infertility.  They want to adopt.  Adoption right now is hard and long.  I want to fix this for them.  I can't.

Today I taught my 12 yr old daughter about men who hit women--and they think it is okay.  She had no idea that was a reality.  I told her how some boys grow up watching dad hit mom.  Those boys hit their girlfriends and wives later in life.  This is NEVER EVER okay. I also instructed her that if she is ever with a boy and feels threatened by him, she needs to tell him that her daddy has a shotgun and isn't afraid to use it! Oh, and to call 911

Mike and I also just drew up a will, living will, medical power of attorney, and durable power of attorney, and a special trust for one of the kids with special needs.  Talk about depressing.  But, those are necessities.  Plug here:  as an acute care RN for 17 years--PLEASE get a medical power of attorney and living will ASAP.

Carter has a leave of absence from his job for the next 6 weeks due to the demands of performing in a musical.  Newsflash to him:  the bills still come and must be paid, even if he isn't working.  He is learning a hard reality of life.  Darn, should of listened to mom and dad telling him to save money.  Not working for 6 weeks and gas tanks that empty and cell phone bills coming due....all adds up to serious cash!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break '13

  Our Spring Break was not exactly stellar.  Oh, it was nice and all.  We couldn't take a big trip with my work days and the expenses of moving next month. So, we had a Day O' Fun, as my sisters call it.  We drove out to the country and enjoyed the little town of Glen Rose.  Dinosaur World was really cool.  Way too expensive for what there is to do/see.  But, fun none the less.  Below is Mike's head sticking out of a giant dinosaur sculpture!

Next, we ate lunch at one the cute eateries in the old downtown. Very quaint very Texas, and very pricey for a hamburger--but very good!

We then headed to Big Rock City Park at the river. Actually, until some spring storms come, it is a stream. There are huge natural boulders to climb on. The boys loved it!

This next pic kills me. My daughter is stunning! Where oh where is my chubby little 3yr old daughter who sang Dora all the time and wore ridiculous gaudy outfits that never matched? I want her back!!

Notice that we are missing a kid. It seems we only have 3 children now. Carter is 17 and pretty much flying solo. He has a car, friends, a job, and places to go things to do. We are glad he is independent and doing well, but it is sad to have an empty spot in the minivan. He and Mike have always been best buds...teaming up to poke fun of momma and quote silly movie lines "there are no eagle powers"....

And, this is the other fun event of spring break. We started packing. God blessed Mike at a garage sale with 30 "real" moving boxes for 10 cents a piece. A STEAL!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A letter to international leaders from an adoptive family

I have no voice, no audience with influential leaders.  The only avenue at my disposal is this blog and my prayers.  If I could have a few minutes of your time, Mr. or Mrs. Powerful leader of a country, this is what I'd tell you.

The global orphan crisis is alarming. Approximately 147-163 million children in the world are without parents. Due to the AIDS crisis and extreme poverty, that number grows daily. Certainly, everyone agrees that children should grow up in their homeland speaking their native lanuage. However, sometimes circumstances are not favorable toward that goal. When birthparents cannot or are not willing to parent, and an adoptive family in the country cannot be found, children should be allowed to grow up in a family that really wants them—even if in another race, culture, and country. Unfortunately, very few countries other than the US have a favorable view of adopting children born outside of their families.  The fact is, many many countries are in this situation. My husband and I have visited over 9 countries between us and have seen this repeated around the world. We all know that pride drives many a leader’s decision-making. So, Mr. or Mrs. National Leader, please, look at what is best for the children under your care.

      You read the few media reports of families that have major problems after adopting a child.  Media sensationalizes stories. That is what sells papers or boosts website visits.  What you don’t get to read about, because the media ignores it, are families like us.  Families who love their children completely and without reservation...yes, those children that have no biological connection to us. We educate the children, care for them when they are sick.  We provide speech, occupational, and physical therapy to those with special needs.  These children have grandparents who adore them and spoil them.  They have aunts, uncles, cousins, church families, and school friends to support and cheer for them. Families, just like us, who tuck their children in to bed each night and pray with them and ask God to bless the birthparents who are surely hurting from the decisions they had to make.  We are families who teach our children to respect their homeland and heritage. We are a normal family. There is nothing super human about us, just a deep love for the child that God hand-picked to have our last name.  And guess what?  There are lots of other families who would love to provide a forever family for a child who is orphaned.  You, Mr and Mrs. National Leader have made this endeavor so frustrating, the wait so long, the paperwork so daunting, the travel requirements so imposing, and the fees so overwhelming, that many good people give up.  Is it really more optimal for the children of your country to spend their lives in institutions rather than join a family overseas?  I beg you, as a mother, search your heart and ask for God to grant you wisdom.  The children, the ones who have no mama to kiss goodnight and no daddy to give them hugs, they are who you must consider when making life-altering decisions.

Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Psalm 82:3

I leave you with this.  My little boy saw a picture of a young boy who has no mother or father to call his own.  My little boy said "when can we go get him?".  I explained how hard it is to get the boy due to all the rules that some leaders made.  My son said "Awww, I want him."  You see Mr. or Mrs. Influential Leader, those children are precious.  We love them.  Do you?

Saturday, March 9, 2013


These 2 boys are more than brothers.  They are Bro's.  Know the diff?  Together all the time, buds, enemies, team mates, friends.

A few nights ago I awoke to hear Dillon coughing and wheezing.  I stood in their room listening and trying to decide if it was worth waking him up for a breathing treatment(you mommas of kids with asthma understand that dilemna!).  He coughed really hard and it made him toot really loud.  I swear he was asleep, lying on his side like a peaceful angel with hands tucked up under his chin.  He chuckled and said in a sleepy voice "Hey Hudson, you hear that big toot?"   HAHA, I got a big kick out of that! I love me some little boys. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

We have a contract!

Last Thursday we signed a contract on our house.  The inspection is today---sure hope it comes out clean.  Funny, you start noticing all the little cracks, spots on carpet, worn hinges and such when an inspector is coming.  I drove by our "new" house a few days ago.  Ohhh, the flat driveway, trees, and front yard are what I'm salivating over! 
I don't really wish to share with you all, but our lives pretty well flipped upside down the past 6weeks.  We've walked an interesting , painful, confusing, exciting journey.  One that has left its mark etched on our  hearts. Hopefully, we can move  into our new house, look forward to what God will lead us in next(may we never ever ever settle and not be open to His leading--even when it seems crazy), and make plans to enjoy our summer--the last one  with Carter officially under our care(he will be a senior next year!).