Monday, July 21, 2014

my summer Pinterest fails

I had such great plans. If only....

Here are some Pinterest fails for me this summer

1. Homemade laundry soap. Was cool making it...felt kind of like Ma Ingalls. Reality is that it pulled color out of dark clothing and they look terrible. We saved money on not buying fancy detergent, but tossed several T-shirts---likely more expensive than detergent.

2. Hudson's "Bored Jar"--you know, the cute mason jar filled with slips of paper that have clever activities written on them for when he says "Moooom, I'm borrreeed!"  Never.Used.It!  Not for lack of him saying that phrase either

3. Painting the master bath and installing knobs in our pitifully 1/2 done kitchen. I had pinned so many lovely paint shades and examples of modern and sleek, yet warm and inviting rooms to copy. In my defense, I have little desire to make things pretty knowing we need to do many thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Boring things like plumbing, wood rot, new windows....not a captivating decor project and no money to do them. Alas, we opted for nothing. Oh wait, not true. Mike has worked extremely hard this summer on the landscaping. Our 1 acre was wild and overgrown. He has it looking lovely.

4. Yoga routines for runners. My back is super stiff. Like when I look down at my toes, my back pulls all the way down. I know what is wrong. Runner's magazines and blogs are full of this type of problem.  Strong hamstrings and calves, weak core. Truly, I have zero abdominal muscles. I pinned several yoga routines designed to remedy this. Nope, didn't do them.

5. Take my kids to serve the poor in our city.  ARRGGHH, Again??  Last summer we missed it as well. Such a disappointment in our parenting journey!!

The good thing we did? Squash and tomato plants. Oh, and season passes for Hudson, Dillon, and I to our local (small) waterpark. I've floated the lazy river with them and counted how long they can stay under water until the cows come home.

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