Wednesday, July 9, 2014

And the after post..speaking about mothering part 2

Here's what I gleaned from the mothering talk tonight:
 Young moms want a formula to follow, a chore chart with check offs type of thing, a book to tell them how to be a good mom.

Ain't gonna happen

At least not with me.

I think I realized something about me that doesn't fit so snug in the church circles. I'm a hippie, I dislike formulas and regulations and chore charts and stickers and standard family rules and nightly family devotions. I'm much more of a loosey goosey, listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, there's freedom in Christ kind of mom. I have a life outside of kids, and Mike is extremely competent at the daily child care routine. We don't make our beds and we don't force our kids to make theirs in the morning. And, I was a rebellious and sneaky kid so if our kids think they are dreaming up something, I've likely already tried that one.
And, Mike tells the kids if someone is bullying them and no adult is helping, punch the kid in the teeth.
Only God's grace has kept our kids are turning out as well as they are!

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