Friday, March 28, 2014

You can only get this in a Christian school

 Carter's economics and government teacher emailed this to us. Yes, I am in tears! Christian education has been such a blessing. If it means I drive an old clunker or work an extra shift or two, it is worth it to have teachers who love Jesus and love our kids.

As the year is starting to wind down, I just wanted you to know what an absolute pleasure it has been to have Carter as a student.  I have enjoyed watching him lead his fellow students (and teachers) in worship every week.  The fact that he can lead us into the throne room of Heaven with worship tells me that goes there often by himself. He cannot lead where he hasn't already been.  Carter is a genuine, thoughtful, respectful, patient, kind and giving guy.  As a teacher, it is my job to teach.  But, Carter has done some teaching himself.  Through him, I have learned that laughter really is the best medicine.  I have learned that an inquiring mind is a growing one.  He has shown those around him (and me) how important it is to be the person God created you to be.  I pray that as he continues on his journey after T__, that he surrounds himself with godly and wise counsel.  I pray that the relationship he has with you will remain a close one.  I pray that Carter will always say "He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust."  I pray that will walk justly, love mercy and continue walking humbly with his God.  Thank you for sharing your son with me this year.  It is a true testament to you as his parents.  I can see that being obedient, loving parents who trust the Lord with His gifts has great return.  Well done, mom and dad!  

I look forward to hearing about Carter's adventures and how the Lord uses him to bring others in to His kingdom.  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Community College, the right choice for now

We visited the local community college with Carter yesterday. It will be a perfect fit for his first year(he just isn't ready to move should see him play with his little sibs, so sweet!). College Algebra is college algebra, whether you take it at a well respected 4 year university or at a small community college. We were impressed with the small classes and easy to get to know professors, the perfect blend of hometown feel and yet transitioning to adulthood. And, they have a really good jazz band!
 I am learning to slay my pride.  I wanted to be able to answer the question that we get several times a week "Where is Carter headed next year?" with a nice university name.  But, forgive me Lord for being snooty, this is such a better fit AND such a bargain!!  About 2500 total for Fall/Spring compared to 28,000 dollars for the private university we were strongly considering. The student ambassador who gave the tour yesterday was a Carter twin. The talked guitars and music the whole time.  What a blessing to have that all ironed out!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I left toys on the floor last night

Big deal you say?  Yes, big deal.  I'm learning, in the now infamous words of Idina Menzel ..."Let it go" (fabo movie by the way...our copy is due to arrive tomorrow via UPS)
As a mom of 4, with a job, and in school, my biggest struggle is not being the best.  I've been a driven and competitive person my whole life. I want to be the best. Well, I just can't. I'm older and tired.  So, against every natural inclination of my personality, I left Hudson's mess in the living room and went to bed.  Never before would I have done that.  But, the new Libby says "Ehh, who cares?  I've got so much more to occupy energy and thoughts. Let it GO"!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lessons learned from 3 days of spring break

Hand scraping a wood deck to refinish and water seal it....HARD.  Worth every dime to rent a belt sander

Our children are not appreciative of anything unusual or fun like us parents.  Note to not take them with us on trips...leave them at home to shop and eat at boring eateries.  They don't see the beauty in the road less traveled (like art districts in dallas)

Never leave home without the nebulizer and allergy meds for Dillon...the saying "spring is in the air" takes on new meanings with ropes of snot and "wheezers" every morning at 5:30am

Visiting a friends farm and riding horses and milking cows...who knew having a farm was so much work!  I had pictured sweet little petting zoo type activities.  Taking care of those animals and opening and closing gates is rather taxing and complicated.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Running away

I'm running much more lately.  My nutso sister bullied me into it :)  We had a blast running a humongous 10K a few weeks ago.  There were 4500 runners.  I hadn't been planning on running the race due to lack of training and my food poisoning episode.  But, that morning, I showed up last minute and did just fine.  My muscles remembered what they used to do. And the last few weeks, the bug has bitten me.  There is something visceral and addicting about running.  My friend, Nat, and I have been meeting up to run 5 @5 (5 miles at 5am).  This weekend I'll push myself to 7.  I'm registering for my first 1/2 marathon for May 10.  That only leaves me 2 months to prep for a run/walk interval system for 13 miles.  This isn't something I must do or else feel defeat or shame. I am not trying to make a point...well, maybe that I'm not totally old and saggy.
Sometimes the alarm goes off to get up and I think I've surely lost my sanity.  However, during that hour of running in the dark and quiet, I seem to find my sanity; for that is the only time of the day when nobody talks to me or requests me to help them (be it sick patients at work, my family, my schoolwork). I pray and think, thus...Prinking.  And, I feel so healthy and strong.