Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"the" talk with the boys!

Tonight we crossed a bridge of childhood.
When Carter was a little boy we bought an early childhood, Christian book called Why Boys and Girls are Different that gives a brief, Biblcial intro into sex ed. It has been on the little boys shelf. Apparently Hudson saw it and looked through it a few days ago. Tonight while brushing his teeth, he said "I know how boys and girls are different." I played it so cool and asked how. He gave 3 examples, like girls fingernails are longer. Dillon was standing by and giggled, said "I know how, girls wear lipstick" and dissolved in to laughter. Hudson pointed down south and said "And boys have a....". I was so calm and cool, you'd be so proud. I said "that is right, boys have a penis and girls don't." To this, Dillon was taken aback and said "WHAT?? Really??"
So stinking funny! Of course we proceeded to read the book and discuss at this teachable moment.

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