Saturday, April 9, 2011

First test as debt free

We made it one week--ONE--week after paying off all debt(except mortgage).  Our air conditioner is out.   Can't be fixed til Monday.  It is currently 84 degrees in my house at 9pm.

 My attempt to keep positive and grateful to God for blessing my life is growing thinner by the hot minute.  Yes, we have the money in emergency savings(and I'd say living in Texas without A/C constitutes an emergency!), but dang, this flat out stinks.  Grateful?  Hmm, I'm not being dramatic or exaggerating, but with my family, I'm grateful it isn't a new ER bill :)

Anybody have a similar experience to make me chuckle and commiserate??

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  1. I totally understand! Ours was a furnace but we were just becoming Dave Ramsey followers. Credit cards freshly cut and we needed WAY more than our $1000 emergency fund. That was a LONG winter. We huddled up with space heaters and quilts. Not fun at the time but well worth it from the rear view mirror. It'll get better!